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What is Dysfont

I created Dysfont to make it easier for people like me who suffer from dyslexia and/or visual stress to work with text on a daily basis.

Martin Pysny, author

How it works

My vision

Building a global platform providing top-notch products, tools, and information.

Empowering neurodivergent individuals worldwide, from kindergarten to professional life.

My story

What people say

Thanks to Dysfont our son stopped using letters “b/d” and “a/e” interchangeably, which used to be very problematic. Your font has certainly helped him read the way he does in spite of worse predictions. Katarína
When my daughter was starting to read, Dysfont helped her tell apart problematic letters such as “b” and “d”. Peter
Teachers also use other recommended fonts — e.g. Comic Sans, Arial — and many authors recommend different solutions. Your font is the most convenient choice for me, though, specifically due to the pronounced difference between letters “a” and “b”. Pavel
I’ve been using Dysfont to watch foreign language films. Right at the beginning, I got blown away by the ease of reading. Zuzana
Another advantage of Dysfont was a longer reading time due to reduced fatigue after reading a few lines. It definitely helped. Peter
While reading stress decreased, fluency and will to read increased. Katarína

Dysfont Pro is now available!

Dysfont Pro:

  • contain more weights (Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Black)
  • cover more languages
  • available to use for both personal and commercial purposes

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